80 Feet x 1/4" Flag Halyard Rope | Anley Flags
80 Feet x 1/4

      House FlagPole Kit

      80 Feet x 1/4" Flag Halyard Rope

      Heavy duty fibre with rot & mildew resistance
      16-strand braid provides extra strength
      Compatible with flagpoles up to 35'
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      We use only the best material! Unlike those cheap disposable ones, you will be able to use it for a long time!

      The 16-strand braid provides extra strength and durability for long term use in outdoor environment.

      Desinged to be used in all weather. The material is resistant to fading, stretching, rot and mildew.
      12 inches base diameter with 6 inches in height. Compatible with 1 inch diameter flagpoles.
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