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Flag Garden Stopper 5PC

      Garden Flag Stand

      Flag Garden Stopper 5PC

      The cute flower petal stopper will fit right into your garden. They are designed to match all kinds of garden flags. It's the best way to keep your favorite flags safe and pretty!
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      SNUG FIT
      The center hole of rubber stoppers is approximately 0.28 inches in diameter, fits tightly on a 0.3 inch diameter standard garden flag stand. Put them on and you will never have to worry about losing your flag ever again!

      The anti-wind clips will securely hold down the corners of your beautiful garden flags and prevent it from tangling around. Your flags are ready to display whole day long.

      Our flag accessories are suitable for all-weather condition. They are able to withstand harsh sunlight, rain and snow with minor wearing. Guaranteed to last for a long time!

       10 Pack Garden Flag Rubber Stopper Stops and Anti-Wind Clips, for 5 Garden Flag Poles Stands - 10 Pieces Set
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