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Flagpole & Ball

      House FlagPole Kit

      Flagpole & Ball

      5 Feet Wall Mount Flagpole, ANLEY Aluminum Flag Pole with Rotating Rings - Weather Resistant & Rust Free - Gold Ball Top
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      When your new flag pole arrives you will immediately notice that both mounting rings are spinning freely. They prevent the flag from tangling up and protects it from tears.

      Constructed with rust-free aluminum alloy, this flag pole is designed to withstand harsh outdoor elements. All parts are strengthened to improve durability.

      Want to put your flagpole away but it's just too long? 2-Piece design allows hassle free storage. Simply take it apart and store wherever you want!
      The flag pole is 5 foot long and 1 inch diameter. Comes with two tangle free clips. Compatible with 4'x6' or smaller flags (NOT included).
      ANLEY is proud to have you as our customer, and we stand behind our products. If by any chance your purchase is unsatisfactory in any way, you are covered with our free replacement guarantee! Please contact us for any questions, concerns or suggestions.