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Solar Flagpole Light

      FlagPole Lighting

      Solar Flagpole Light

      Self-sustained solar power system
      26 LEDs on a wide disk bask your flag in light
      Lasting up to 10 hours on single charge
      Waterproof and weather resistant
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      Self-contained solar power system allows tool free installation without messing around with annoying cords or changing batteries.

      26 high-power LEDs meticulously arranged on a wide disk bask your flag in light. Built-in photosensor turns the light on/off automatically. Your flag will never be in the dark again!

      6 large solar panels turbo charge 3x 2200mA high capacity batteries. Lasting up to 10 hours after a full sunny day of charging.

      Designed with usability in mind, this solar light is built to withstand tough weather. Includes haging accessories to turn it into camping or emergency light within seconds!
      Number of LEDs: 26
      Number of Solar Panel: 6

      Diameter: 8.5"
      Capacity: 3x2200mAh
      Battery Life: Up to 10 hours on single charge
      Charge Time: 4 hours
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